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The “It’s Fun To Be Happy” website is more of a vision than a business. It started with a sincere desire to make a difference. To live life for more than a nine-to-five job and a steady paycheck. To realize what is important in life and to fight for it.

However, life isn’t often that simple. It can be hard to make a difference, something founder John Poole realized during his years as a business owner and general manager.

He envisioned a business that did more than business, and a genuine desire to truly make a difference in people’s lives grew in John's mind since 2009, when he owned his own business and began to feel the need and obligation to help people. During his recent tenure of six years as a general manager in Arizona, John realized that the corporate world was not the right place to do so. He became a consultant and decided to strike out on his own, concentrating on his favorite, most meaningful part of the job—helping people choose to be happy.

John is eager to share the ten “Genuine Principles” by which he lives his life, and all of us here at It’s Fun To Be Happy are eager to help. We want everyone to understand what it’s like to be happy, and want to help those who are not. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at For more information on Mr. Genuine Consulting, please check us out at

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